Thursday, December 31, 2009

PreSchoOlers OriEntaTion

Today had to wake up early again to travel to school. Woke up at 430am and left home at 530am to Bagan Datoh. The sun was still sleeping, the road was dark, i was so sleepy + nervous la , thats for sure. Stopped by at grandma house for a while, then continued my journey. Arrived there at 8.10am and i straight went to my preschool class to see the condition. I saw my pembantu, a pretty pregnant young lady putting up the curtain helped by two workers there. A new clean class...i like that...but very kosong..i don't like that. Meaning im going to have a lot of work after this and unfortunately my pembantu is on leave so in february. I have a list of work waiting now which are:
1. settle all my document
2. body check-up
3. assignment (orientation week for me)
4. prepare preschool timetable
5. understand the whole new syllabus
6. prepare my lesson plans which i don't know how to do yet
7. settle students' document
8. pack my things to settle into a new place

No wonder people said that usualy when studying is easy to gain weight but when start working will lose weight..wuahaha..coz burden with lot of works. Today for the first time i met my cute adorable innocent kids. They were all so lovely..They were not scare of strangers, very friendly and respect the teachers...ahhh, so cute!! The parents were there, i was so worried. Luckily, my colleague and pembantu helped me out a lot. My GB gave taklimat to the parents in another classroom and i gave some taklimat to the kids...wuahaha..80% of them had the same surname and almost same name and look!! Its because most of them are relatives. I think the parents know all the students names better than me..wahh...a tough job for me after this. I discussed with GB, she will arrange another teacher to take over Bahasa Cina. Besides of handling the preschool class, i will be teaching Yr 2 BM and Seni..and i was given as Ketua Panitia Seni..hahahaha.....i don't know i can handle all these anot.....i guess its just that i haven get used to it yet. Maybe after a year, will loveeee the place...HOPE SO!! Like my friends always say:

*saya yang menurut perintah*

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My PlaCe Of WoRk

Left home at 6.30am today to lapor diri at PPD Hilir Perak at 9am. Nervous+ scare+worry..all kinds of feelings fill my heart.I looked around, no one i knew there..hurrmmm..never mind, i made new friends. All the GB were there to pick up their 'anak'.I wonder who will be my GB.The pegawai told us that there were no pedalaman and sekolah orang asli and no need to take boat to any school there...RELIEF!! When he announced our school names, i waited patiently. 7 people got chinese school..i was so confident i wouldn't get chinese school until my name was called...I got SJK(C) Chong San, Bagan am i going to survive OCBC (ORANG CINA BUKAN CINA)....I had a new friend with me, a guy from penang..luckily got teman..i didn't know im happy or sad....My GB, a young lady, brought us to the school and treated us including my family for a lunch there. It was located in a small fisherman village. My school is a small school with only 62 students, 12 teachers and a newly built preschool which will be starting in jan 2010. It was located about 2 and a half hours from my house, quite far. The teachers are all chinese and they are all young. Im living with my colleagues in rumah guru which is just in front of the school and its totally FOC...wuahaha... I told GB my main problem and she was like kinda shock i guess. She will have to find a teacher to teach my preschoolers Bahasa Cina..i felt so guilty, as if im a burden to all of them. Beside being a full time preschool teacher, i have to teach BM n BI for primaray. The worst thing is preschool syllabus just changed and we got no idea about that. What am i suppose to do??? I promised my GB i will do the class timetable. Tomorrow i have to go to school again for preschoolers orientation. Im so scared now coz its quite hard for me to communicate with the colleagues and students. Actualy, i havent got the time to talk to them. We had a meeting with GB till 4sth and i straight headed home after that. A VERY TIRING DAY!! I reached home about 7pm and tomorrow have to leave at 5.30am...This is killing me already...Can i do all this?? Can i survive in this school??? What will happen tomorrow?? How are the kids??

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My PosTing!!

I got Perak (yesss!!)
I got Daerah Hilir Perak (hurrmmmmm....)
But don't know shich school yet. Im so worry n nervous n scare...
Tomoro will be going for taklimat at PPD Hilir Perak at Teluk Intan...
I can't face this next stage in my life...i feel more scare when i know some of my friends get P2 (pedalaman tahap dua) school??? tomoro i will know....all the best to all my friends...miss u guys...

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I wonder how will it be after this?
If really don't have, what am i going to do??
It would be so disapointing....
Where should i run to??

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NerVous MoMent~~

Posting result will be out on monday....hoorraayyy....but......

Monday, November 2, 2009

my new pillow

yess!! i got new pillow!! thanks to ah dear's mummy...hehehehe....tonight i can sleep soundly and have a nice dream =)

i'm hurt!

i'm very hurt of what u guys did!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pain pain pain

I had this pain since friday but i just ignore it. It started swollen on saturday. OMG!! What's is it?? Tyroid?? Heatiness?? This morning it became worse!! How can i go to the clinic when my car was taken away for a new transform?! So, my mum accompany me walked to the nearest clinic. Suddenly i found out that since i got the driving license, i never walked to any shops like i did before. And it was so wonderful and peaceful walking in the morning...I missed those days where i used to walk to the shops..Anywhere, the world nowadays is not safe anymore.. ok, back to my pain...the doctor said it was actualy muscles pain ....due to my way of sleeping and pillow which is not suitable...huhuhu....i must buy new pillow!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

TheSis thesis is finally here!! Looks great, rite?? hard work...simple but meaningful...congrats to myself...

SeSuci KaSih

Thanks to all juniors (Preschool Course) who had organised a farewell party for us..It was so amazing and touching..Thanks for all your efforts in preparing the party and especially the hand-made gifts..You guys did a great job.. And thanks for giving me the tittle 'MISS SWEET'...

My 23rd Birthday~~

My birthday is on 26oct ....had a very wonderful birthday this year~~
Thanks to all my friends who gave me those presents..
And special thanks to ah bei, meow n kian for the big surprise on that so shocked, yet memorable~~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh, im becoming shopaholic!!

Recently i became so obsess with shoes and without i realized, i already bought five pairs of shoes and i just kept nicely inside my wardrobe...when am i going to wear those?? hmmmm.....i think maybe when i............start working!!! hehehe

My First-Made C_k_

It's my first-made cake!! Got the recipe from my bestie, nana~~ Since i don't have an oven, so i decided to try by using a wok and it turned out to be ok..just that i forgot to put milk...but its tasted just fine...i let my dad n aunt tried and of course i got some useful comments from them...only one thing that upset me, which was my dearest lovely handsome bro won't dare to try it........huhuhu....just take a look at those pics, u guys also think that it's nice, right????


Date - 10/10/2009
Venue - Seoul Garden, IOI Mall Puchong

This blog should be written on 10/10/2009 but i just got the chance to upload the photos..That day should be a surprise birthday treat for my dear but it became a surprise to myself instead..wuahaha..thanks to his buddies: leo, andy & weng...thanks for celebrating my coming birthday and the gift as so so shocked seeing my name on the cake!! and happy happy happy birthday to ah dear~~~~

Thursday, October 15, 2009


We heard that tomorrow will be the day to know our posting place?? Is that true?? Let's wait for tomorrow, friends~~ Hope for the best~~

Final study!

Yesss!!! I'm at home again, having study week, exam on 26 & 27 oct~~Yesterday was the final class after 5 and half yrs of studying~~ Of course we can't go home this 2 weeks but i don't care anymore.. Staying in hostel is like staying in jail, so much rules, no going out at what what time, no staying in the room at what what time...hey, we only got 2 subjects this sem and u expect us to sit in the class whole day??! NO WAY!! Staying any longer there will make me go crazy. So, home sweet home~~~~
Happy Holiday, Happy Studying and Happy Deepavali!!
See u guys next week!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's HoliDay Ag@in~~~~

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Muslim friends and happy holidays as well to the others =)
Home sweet home.....i'm coming back now, wait for my return~~~~

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Just got this news from lecturer, we will be getting posting early Dec, which means we will know our posting place in Nov..Everything will be early..Ohno, im not ready yet..still in the mood of enjoying life as a student...This is a shocking news~~~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


i miss my home..i wana go home.. ;(

Friday, August 14, 2009

Last Day Of PracTical....

Today is the last day of practical. Both the preschool and school held a small party for us, which made us touched..and..we got presents from school, teacher and student..

- my favourite students (the most capable student in class) -

- students in my class -

- with Shah @ Giant-
(Laughter for today)
Conversation between Shah and I for today:
Me : Shah, kenapa awak ni busuk ah?
Shah : Ishh, cikgu ni, mana ada..
After an hour,
Me : Shah, awak ni busuk la..tak mandi ke pagi tadi?
Shah : Mandi la..mesti la busuk, saya main, berpeluh pagi tadi.
After an hour,
Me : Shah, busuk la! Lain kali jangan main kat luar tu la.
Shah : YA ALLAH!!! YA ALLAH!!! Cikgu ni, dari pagi tadi cakap
saya busuk sampai sekarang!
Everyone in class laughed heard him said that...hohohoooo

- present from teacher -

- present from student (something i'd always wanted) -

- present from school -

- delicious layer cake, specially ordered by the teacher for us -
YIPPIEE~~~~~~ no more practical after this....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Giant & Boboy..

Today that giant boy said something which made us burst out laughing. This is the conversation between Giant, us and Nadhira:


Giant : Cikgu, telefon polis.
Us : Kenapa nak telefon polis?
Giant : Ayah Nadhira (our student) jual mercun.
Nahira : Mana ada. Dulu jual, sekarang tak jual dah.
Us : Mana awak tau? Awak beli kat ayah dia ke?
Giant : A'aahh.
Us : Kalau macam tu, awak pun kena tangkap polis la sebab awak beli.
Giant : Sekarang saya tak beli dah.


Us : Shah, esok awak datang tak?
Giant : Datang la. Saya kena datang sekolah tiap-tiap hari, nak jadi pandai. Tak nak jadi bodoh.

In another case, i realized there's a boy in my class who often left his homework at home. So, i suspected that he lied to us. Here is the conversation between us:

Me : Boboy, awak tak siap kerja ke?
Boboy : Giving me a smiling eyes.
Me : Cakap la. Cikgu tak marah awak.
Boboy : A'aahh.
Me : Sebab apa tak siap?
Boboy : Saya keluar beli barang semalam.
Me : Jadi awak tak ada masa nak buat kerja yang cikgu bagi la?
Boboy : A'aahh.. Mana cikgu tau saya tak siap kerja?
Me : Laughing in my heart.

Wuahahaaaa.....innocent young kids...Tomorrow will be the last day of practical...I wonder what is waiting us in future..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There is a boy in my class named Shah. He is chubby and a big bully boy. He always bully other students and whenever there is visitor in class, he will do and say irritating + annoying words. If we scold him, he will hold his tears and laugh synically, casue he's too ego to cry. After that, he will bully and beat other smaller kids. He is just exactly like the GIANT in the DORAEMON series.
Guess what, today he did something which made us 'ROFL' (quoted from my senior, ahkamkoko's words). The BIG TEACHER passed by our class, this Shah quickly wore his shoes and told us that he wanted to talk to BIG TEACHER. I thought he was just joking but i was wrong. He just stormed out and ignored our shouting. He ran after the BIG TEACHER and unfortunately he fell down. The BIG TEACHER turned around and asked him to go back to class. When he came back, he said he didn't have the chance to talk to BIG TEACHER. I asked him what he wanted to tell the BIG TEACHER. He told us, 'Mak saya suruh saya cakap dengan guru besar belikan topeng.' All of us burst out laughing. His friends were wearing masks this few days and he wanted to wear too. So, we guess that he must have asked his mum for a mask and his mum replied, 'Mak tak ada duit. Suruh guru besar belikan.' What can we say?? Kids are always naive and innocent...That's why we love them =)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I had this one student named Faeezul, he's a very naive, innocent, small-sized boy and he is only 4 years ++.. At first i don't really like him cause his words were like mature people. But recently i realized that he really made my day smile. During our early practical, we taught the students to salam with teachers when they came to school in the morning and before go home. It's one of the way to teach them to respect people. This little boy told me, "Hari-hari salam. Tapi cikgu selalu lupa nak salam dengan saya." Hey, aren't he suppose to come to me and salam???!!
One day, he took a book and sat beside me. He started telling me stories based on the pictures of the book. When it came to a page where the picture shown a girl fell down from the bicycle and another girl was helping her, Faeezul started his story, "Boleh saya tolong awak?...Sudah tentu boleh...Okay, orait." I was thinking if we wanted to help somebody who fell down, do we need to say , "Boleh saya tolong awak?" cause i thought usually we will say, "Awak tak apa-apa?" Moreover, the person who fell down will be in pain till he won't has any strength to say, "Sudah tentu boleh." I was laughing deep inside my heart with his innocent character. Well, at least he knew what is the meaning of manners.
Then, got this time when he was playing with my friend. He was clapping my friend's hands and suddenly my friend said, "Sakitlah, Faeezul." He took my friend's hands and gave a pat and said "Ok, sayang sayang...tak sakit." He was so adorable!! Then got this another time i dropped my comb on the floor without realizing it. My friend asked the class who brought a comb, Faeezul picked it up and asked his friends. Then i said it was mine. He returned to me an said, "Cikgu ni, macam-macam lah." All i can say is i really miss him when he absent from school!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

FifTh WeEk PraCtical..

This week was quite hectic too. Finally, the observation had finished. week will be final week of practical. Time really flies, which is a good thing. What i can see from this practical is i get to know that most of the people has two faces, they can be very nice to you and they can talk bad about u as well. This is what i see in this school. So, becareful with whatever u want to say in front of anyone.

Friday, July 31, 2009

FoUrth WeEk PracTical..

This week is indeed a veyr long week. Saturday having activities and we have to be there 7.30 - 5 sth. No mood even though today is friday. Supposely we will be very happy when it's friday, but not today. I totally lose interest to become a preschool teacher after this practical. I think i won't mind if i am given primary classes next year. This practical had lessen my self-confidence. The lecturer kept correcting my HP and OBJECTIVES. I did it carefully after being commented once but she kept saying i was wrong for the second time. There wasn't any problem with my HP and OBJECTIVES last year, how come this year there's so much wrong???? Is she discriminating me?? I won't care anymore, i just want to end this practical soon.. 14 aug, please come fast...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My FiRst ChiNese BoOk..

This is my first chinese book, bought by my Mr. M to encourage me in learning chinese. Thanks bei bei...I love this book, cause got pinyin and graphic..haha..I have always wanted to learn chinese cause i felt it's a waste for not knowing my own language. Although it will be hard for me but i'll learn slowly cause i know it's not too late to start now. One day, i'll prove that i can write, read and speak in chinese too...After i finish and master this book, i'll be getting second book, third, fourth and so on....then i'll be having a collection of chinese book!! So, my friends, don't be surprise if one day i speak chinese with u...hoho....

Friday, July 24, 2009

ThiRd WeEk PraCticAl...

This week was quite relaxing as we had to handle another preschool class cause both the teachers were on course for two days. So, no ABM and lesson plans for two days =).
After three weeks here, i felt that the students here were quite rude. I thought all kampung school' students will show their respects to teachers. In fact, the students were not scared with the teachers at all. I heard got two Year Two boys in this school kissed with each other and they always go to toilet together. What is happening to the children nowadays?? I would like to share one incident which happened yesterday. I had to releave Year Six class as the teachers were having meeting. I had a small game with them. After half an hour, they asked me to bring them to library. I was hesistated at first but they kept begging me. In the end, i said OK! I was following at the back of the students, then, got this one boy asked me to walk first. I felt suspicious but i just walked passed him. I didn't know what he did behind me and i felt something was going wrong. So, i insisted him to walk in front of me. He met up his friend in front and i heard his friend asked 'dapat tak?' and he said 'tak'....I had no idea what they were up to and this made me became more cautious. I was sitting in front in the library, reading a book. I heard some 'soft-enjoyed scream'. I looked at the back of the library and the voice was gone. Then, i continue reading my book and i heard the 'scream' again. So, i stood up and walk towards the students behind. Suddenly, a boy sitting on the chair, pushed his chair out and sat quite far from the table. And guess what, i saw a boy crawled out quickly under the table and took a book to read. That moment i was shocked cause i didn't know what were they doing. I heard a boy said 'mata dia terbeliak'. I was just standing there and not moving cause too shocked. I hoped they were not doing 'something'. I asked them what they were doing and they said nothing. I asked their names and they seemed scared. My voice was shaking when i talked to them. I sat back and i used to 10 minutes to calm down myself. I wasn't really sure what they were doing. I think i must prepare myself for any situation in future.....

Friday, July 17, 2009

SecOnd WeEk PraCtical......

This week was a disaster. I felt really and extremely tensed up + tire + headache . I don't like this school!! I don't like the BIG TEACHER there!! I don't like some of the teachers there either! The school is not welcoming at all. BUT i can't complain all these cause i chose this school. My lecturer had warned us not to take this school but my partner and i had no choice cause of transportation. I can't cry either cause people will think that this is only practical and u already can't take it, so, how are you going to face the reality next year?!!
The problem that ocurred was the BIG TEACHER asked us to come every saturday and sunday cause they got this program for those chosen 9 target students of UPSR. Only practical teachers will be there to handle this, with no other teachers to help around! (of cause the teachers are not willing to come on weekend too) How are we going to do all this?? UPSR is a very important exam and how can he let us do it? We do not have any experience and we don't even know the format or questions regarding UPSR. We were just trained as a preschool teacher. 6 years old and standard 6 is totally different. Besides, the BIG TEACHER also asked the parents to present as well. What if the students or the parents ask us something and we are speechless??!! Furthermore, saturday and sunday is the only time we can rest and do our lesson plans + ABM.. We also have our own lives, coming to school everyday is not a joke!
We told this to our lecturers and they were pissed off. I think they won't send any practical teachers to this school in future. We went to see the BIG TEACHER and he was like so mad with us, saying we gave excuses and threaten to write report about us. I really don't like this, using something to threaten us. He said all this years those practical teachers will just do whatever he asked to, never complain or gave reasons. Why not he put himself in our shoes. We have to prepare lesson plans, 4 slots a day, with more than 10 ABM a day. Teaching preschool is not as easy as he thought. He always say to us 'awak prasekolah tak ada masalah, 15 orang murid saja kan, 6 orang 6 tahun.' Problem is he doesn't know how is the real situation, with 9 students of 5 years old. Each of them has health problem. One of them has one eye side which is totally blind, another one keep vomitting every time after eat, anemia, bully and so on. The BIG TEACHER had no idea about all this. All he wants is us to solve his problem. Even the teachers there said that he is a person who wants everyone to listen to him and he will repeat the same thing for months if anyone goes against him.
Today, we felt like we caused a lot of trouble, to our lecturers and the teachers there. I don't know what the BIG TEACHER will do to us after this. Whatever he wants to do, i'll just BUAT BODOH cause we left only 4 weeks there. I hope 14 august will arrive soon cause i'm already very tire facing each day!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

FiRst WeEk PraCticAL....

Finally, first week of practical is over. This is the 3rd and final phase of our practical. This practical is really challenging. I keep telling myself, it's ok to have barriers cause this is the time we gain experience and to learn. This time i got an urban school, and my lecturer don't really agree with my choice. They kept saying the negative things about the school and it really pissed me off. Are they suppose to do so???!! I mean, it's ok if we face problem cause this is the time we learn to adapt in different kind of environment. What if i face a worse school in future?? Am i suppose to sit down and cry for the rest of my life??!!
Their words bothered me so much on my first day to school. I wondered, will it as bad as what they said. My school is a very small school with only 265 students and 20 teachers. My preschool class has only 15 kids instead of 25 kids. I thought that it will do me good with just 15 kids but i was so wrong. 9 of the kids are just 5 years old, which means it will so tough to teach them. Having 15 kids is like having 50 kids. They are so active and threating the school as a nursery place, eat, play and then go home. Well, this happen due to their environment. Most of them are from a poor family, they come to school without having any meal. Not to mention that few of them have health problem. It's really pity looking at their condition. One of them is under weight with one eye that totally can't see anything and wearing a specs with 800 power.
I had a hard time teaching them the first two days. It's hard to control them and i almost wanted to cry. I kept telling myself that i must prove to my lecturer that they are very wrong of what they had said. I trained the kids and made some activities on the third day and i felt relief. They were not as bad as it seems. They just need a little bit of discipline and love. The preschool teacher was very nice and friendly too. So, never judge a book by its cover. Next week will be the starting of observation. Hope everything goes well...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


After tomorrow, life has to be back to usual. Waking up at 6.30 am, going for assembly, classes, practical, assignments, exams and courses. Three weeks of holiday is coming to the end and our final sem has arrive, the sem that we waited for so many years. There'll will be so many tasks to be done and all the challenges that we have to face later. Only one sem to go and next year all of us will be separated. Only left one sem for all of us to be together, as classmates and to be in the place where we are always protected. Next year, we'll have to face the real world with the greater challenges. I wonder if i will be able to do all these by myself. I'll sure miss the time when we were studying, having fun around with no worries.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guess Guess Guess

Try to guess what am I:

I am a very important material to everyone...
I can caused happiness and joy...
I can even caused disaster and sorrow..
I can make people smile and laugh..
I can even make people cry and suffer..
I can make people' s dream comes true..
I can even make people fight with each other..

People work hard to get me..
People will even quarrel with their besties to get me..
People will even kill each other to get me..
People can never see anything else besides me..

So, try to guess what am I??

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hoping For Better..

Why there seemed to be no bond between us??
I thought we were supposed to be very close to each other??
I knew u went through so much for me..
I knew u suffered lot for me..
I knew u never stop sacrificing for me..
I knew everything u did is just for me..

But WHY??
Why u never thrusted whatever i said??
U just listen to other people!!
Why u accused me whenever something turn up??
U just don't believe me!!

I still remember those words u said before..
I still remember those things u did to me before..
I still remember ur face expressions that time..

I admit that sometimes my words hurt u..
And i'm sorry for that..
My heart was in pain too whenever I saw people scolded u..
How I hope I can give them a piece of my mind too..

I tried to forget the bitter part..
I tried to remember the sweet part..
I tried to be close with u..
I tried to have good talk with u..

Things never work out between us..
Or may be I'm a very sensitive girl..
I just envy people out there..
Because I wanted to be like them too..

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's holiday....

Hoorraaayyy!! It's holiday!!! Finally, after gone through a busy, hectic sem with quite-hard exam, it's time to enjoy and relax. Last week exam was like hell, i could only sleep for 2 hours every night, fearing what i had read will be flown away. I guess that whole week i was very nervous and tensed up. The exam papers were really torturing, two hours and forty minutes to finish up four essay questions and ten subjective questions. I kept writing till i couldn't do it anymore as my fingers began to shake which also made my writing looks like primary kid's writing. But who cares, as long as it's all over now and i'm having three weeks holiday....i can wake up anytime i wanted to, eat whatever i craved for, go anywhere as i is just wonderful....Happy holiday to all my friends, enjoy yourself before our final sem arrive =)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Melting mind...


This is all i can say, over and over again every moment. This weather is driving me crazy!! I couldn't even do anything else except hibernating whenever i'm free. I couldn't even think properly everyday. This weather is melting my mind slowly, how am i going to concentrate in my study with this temperature?? My exam is just two weeks away and yet i couldn't pay any attention in my modules...Oh God, please give us some rain..We will be very good!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

GloOmy HeArt....

Once again, i felt lost. I couldn't find any reason to be cheerful. I wanted so many things in my life which i'm not sure if i'll be able to get it all. Will this continue forever? Will i be able to create some miracle? How i wish i've got a fairy godmother or maybe a doraemon to give me some magic in my life.....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It was my fault..

Happiness? Hopes? Lucks? I couldn't see those things anymore...Where is the rainbow that seem to bring me joy? I couldn't see that either....I couldn't even smile when everyone around me is laughing...God is fair??? Sometimes, i guess....Or maybe it's my own fault? I was too egosentric?? I was too proud?? I took things for granted?? I never been thankful with whatever I had?? Yeaaaa....I caused all these.. I never felt contented with everything that was given to me. In fact, I kept asking for better. That's why God is testing me now, so that I'll always keep in mind to be grateful. Now, i have to bear the pain in my heart..It was all my fault......and i regretted very much all the decision that i had made....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

family of experience??

Today we had to fill in our posting choice and I was thinking so hard which place to put. So, i rang up my dad and mum to ask their opinion. Dad didn't mind where i put, as long as i'm happy but mum wanted me to be near home. I knew hometown is the best place but deep deep inside my heart, i felt like i wanted somewhere far and exciting. Two months ago, i decided with my friend to choose kota kinabalu, sabah but i wasn't really sure if i can be very very independent there. Finally, i made up my mind and i chose my family. However, its' not 100% sure if we get what we chose. So, i'm ready to accept wherever i got =)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Fuhh....this week is really a disaster. Assignments, thesis, decorating class, preparing files for MQA and most important of all, sports carnival for the preschool kids which will be held on this saturday. So much to be done, so much to prepare, so much to think of, so much to worry of and all these happen at the same time. And my future is still in a blur situation..what does this mean??? only my classmates know....Dear friends, let's pray for the best. We already struggle through thick and thin for so many years. Hope our sacrifices and efforts worth all...

Thursday, March 19, 2009


What is happening to our country?? It's not a safe place anymore, or may be it never been one. Last night my brother was driving home from a midnite movie, about 1am. After dropping his friend, he headed back. He realized there were three indian men, riding motors, following him. Suddenly, they tried to open my brother's door but they failed. Luckily my brother used to lock the car once he got in. The robbers did not gave up!! One of them used his helmet and broke the mirror of the back seat. My brother didn't stop, he just speed up his car and yet they kept chasing my brother!!! Fortunately, my brother arrived home safe and sound and i'm not sure if they chased till my brother reached home. I felt so shocked when he told us, my dad woke up and checked the car. I'm sure my mum was very worried. I couldn't imagine if this happen on me..i couldn't even sleep last nite. I'm scare if the robbers recognized our house and tend to do something later. I really don't feel safe anymore, even home is not a safe place. My mum told me, someone tried to break in our hse one midnite, around 2am, i guess it happened few weeks ago. He opened our gate and searched inside my mum's car. Coincidently, our gate and car were not locked!! Luckily he found nothing!!! I was thinking what if my mum carelessly left the house keys in the car??!!! I couldn't think of what's going to happen. This case happened to my granduncle's house too, which was just two houses away from my house. I still remember last year in december, my mum was robbed, when she was driving home alone at night. Two malay guys, riding motor, stopped my mum at the roadside and took out a knife and asked for money. Luckily they didn't harm her..she arrived home, was so shocked and scared, she won't dare to tell my dad and i was so speechless. So, can anybody tell me, where is the place that is safe for all of us?? With today's economy, i'm sure our country is not a safe place anymore. Money matters most nowadays, and people in need of money will do anything, including harming and killing. Going out at night is not a good idea, especially for girls and youngsters, never ever drive alone at night and remember to lock your door once you get it. After this, i don't think i have the guts to drive alone or going out at nite coz i don't want to risk my life..

Monday, March 9, 2009



Wednesday, February 25, 2009


okay, i was tagged by my friend to do something interesting...let's see what i got here =)

The challenge is :

1) go to your picture holder in your computer.

2) go to 6th folder of photos

3) go to 6th picture of that folder* put the picture on your blog n description of it..*

invite six friends to join the challenge..

"This picture was taken when i was a kid..this is the best shot in my life....kahkahkah.....guess who beside me... =P"
-just fo fun-

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Finally, our badminton tournament ended today! Today i'm a PLAYER, not a LINESGIRl!! YES YES YES!! Everyone played greatly....It wasn't easy at all as my opponents were tough, especially su n odet, with their styles!! My partner, aneem and i played for an hour for two games. It was indeed very tiring but it worth everything coz we won (women double)!! hohohoo...unbeliavable...tanx to aneem for being such a great and strong player.....Now my body started to feel the pain....huhuhu..I wonder if tomorrow i will be able to attend class....hmmmmm????

Friday, February 20, 2009


Recently, my class realized the importance of good health due to having physical subject this sem. In order to make sure every of us has a healthy body, we organized a badminton tournament today at stadium bandar baru bangi. We, girls, had been practising badminton every afternoon for about two weeks. This is to prevent ourselves from being a fool during the tournament, as girls are usually passive in sports. Today we were giving a short briefing about badminton rules and it is so hard to be understood. It even made us confused and felt like surrender before the game..hohoho...We decided to play as we like, coz we know the guys will guide us...hehe...So, all of us were so excited when we arrived at the stadium. However, on the first game, my roomate and i were given a task to be LINESGIRL.....our job is to see if the shuttle cock is in or out the line...At the beginning, i was excited, jumping here and there and shouting. After 5 minutes, i was tired and bored, so, my eyes began to look other places. Suddenly, my name was called....feeling shocked and blur, i said OUT! OUT!..... They scolded me for not paying attention...I did the same thing for the second time...This time the judge came down from his high chair and wanted to smack me...Everyone laughed at me...huhuhuuuu....I don;t like being LINESGIRL!!...

Monday, February 16, 2009


This is no good...there will be music class tomorrow!! This is not fun!! Everyone is practising recorder now especially the soprano..haha...i can hear my roomate playing next door....great roomate!! How i hope miracle will happen tomorrow...pleaseeee...we will be good.... <<>>

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hmm.....recently I really felt so lazy to do work even though there are tonnes of works awaiting. My routine is go to class, then back to room after class end, take a 'short nap', eat, bath, watch dvd, then bedtime. I can still feel the holiday atmosphere around me..haha...this is what we call LAZY!!! Moreover, I'm really tensed up with this music class. Actually, i like music very much, i just do not like the works given. It was so hard for us to do. Thinking of music class makes me headache and my life become miserable!! Plus the assignments and thesis and projects and ISL works makes me want this sem to end fast!!! wuaaaaa..... ;(

Monday, February 9, 2009

Him ^-^

Before this i never believe in fate. I do not agree when people say everyone has their own match in this world, it's just the matter of time. However, i changed my mind when i met him. He is the apple of my eye. He is a very very nice guy who showered me with so much love and care (actualy is over-pampering me)...hehe..but this means i'm very very lucky. He will always protect me from harm and fear; make me laugh again whenever my tears fall and help me solve the tonnes of problems that i faced. Not only that, he will always tolerate with me and give me all the best things that even he never spend that much on himself. He always say 'as long as you are happy.' Whatever i wanted to eat, he will buy for me; wherever i wanted to go, he will bring me; he will just do anything that will make my heart grows fonder , despite how hard the situation could be. Every moment with him is a sweet time indeed. He will always come out with tricky questions and riddles, just to make me laugh to my heart. Well, honestly, i enjoy those questions created by him. His love and care make me feel secured and touched. It's not easy to find someone who is nice to ourselves, and yet, i found one. =) Time is the soul of business and we had been together for more than a year. I will always treasure him and love him more each day. I'm not showing off here, I just felt that I'm a very fortunate girl. I do not know where my posting will be next year, but I'm sure that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I can't foresee what will happen next, I just hope that we will go through thick and thin together, and most important is to grow old together. =) Hope he will always success in his work and have a good health.....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

new look...

Now i really do feel that blogging is fun and exciting! I had just finish editing my blog and now look....hehe...tanx ain for helping me...fuhhh..This helps to motivate me to write more in future...hehe

Thursday, February 5, 2009

thesis..... thesis!!!! Lotz corrections to be done!!! I hate thesis!!!!

(p/s: abu n akim, pn surayah said HELLO!!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

class vacation...

Finally, after two days back from Melaka, i found some time to jot down the memories in Melaka with my fellow friends who i knew for almost 5 years. All these years, we had been discussing about class vacation but it never come to live. At last, this final year, we succeeded!! We went to Melaka for two days and it was indeed an interesting trip, also a memorable one. It was so fun as we travel in three cars; kancil, gen-2 n storm!! Woww...i felt we are so grown up...hoho...Thanks to abu and hakim for the wonderful lunch at their houses.
The most challenging part were we got a 'great' driver, eky, who speed the kancil for 140km/h and made our heart stopped for a while. Our AJK KESELAMATAN, suwarna kept babbling at eky. EkY, nxt time don't risk our lives!!! We were the only daughter and abu was the only son in family!! Luckily, all of us arrive safe and sound. Secondly, there were many roadblocks in Melaka and we were quite worried as we didn't have any seatbelts at the back seat in kancil, we tried to pretend calm. We were relief as we passed the roadblocks safely. (This journey was full with barriers!!!) Third thing that we had to face was, our room in the hotel was not as great as we thought of. The toilet flush couldn't work well. So, if we got 'nature call', we had to hold!!!! Seven of us (girls) were staying together in a room, so, in order to save time, we went into the bathroom in pairs at a same time!! Wowwww......hehe... The guys, in another room, came up with an idea, calling us continuosly, using the phone provided in the room, playing 'GUESS WHOSE VOICE'.... 'hello, can i speak to angelina jolie?'.....'hello, brad pitt, please'... haha..nice game.....
Our first activity was to a waterfall at Sagil. We were so excited, until......we had to climb up the hill, with uncountable stairs!! It took us about 20 minutes walking the stairs to arive to the waterfall point...It was so tiring and we almost gave up...This is worse than BIG!! How i wish someone will carry me up...hehe....Everyone was so exhausted...The fun part came when they conquered the river, playing monkey and goal keeper..Well, i didn't join them, was busy preparing sandwiches...Other people were staring at our group and some were watching the game...our group seem to be rock and roll...haha...the sad part was, the game stopped due to some accident between nana @ PGL (pirahna gunung ledang) n, that was the end at waterfall...
The next destination was to river cruise at bandar melaka...we waited an hour for the boat, and the boat ride was almost an hour too...and the smell of the river was so awful, the water kept splashing to our faces...yuckssss!!!! what a ride!!!!! the next day, everyone had pimples on their faces...haha...We didn't have the chance to go to the Taming Sari, it was closed by the time we arrived...huhuhu....
The next day, we went to taman buaya and mini malaysia....haha...good experiences, seeing so many kinds of crocodiles, with different sizes. Mini malaysia was kinda interesting too....but we couldn't manage to go in to all the houses, coz tire of taking off the shoes repeatedly...overall, the trip was fun and great and bombastic.....tanx to everyone who went...

(p/s: wei, don't upload my shivering pic!!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

broadband oh broadband...

I was pissed off with my broadband since last night. I couldn't figure out why suddenly my laptop couldn't detect my broadband. So, i gave it a try this morning. I tried so many times till i got fedup. I decided to call the maxis customer service to solve this problem,. I was given many instructions to do this and that, try this and that...but....still fail and i already called twice!! After a while, half give-up, i take a look at my broadband. Then only i silly i careless i was..i plugged in the wrong usb!!!! I felt so embarassed!!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

my laptop =(

finally, after two boring days, i got to online, using my handsome bro's pc...such a nice guy, who willing to lend me his precious pc..hoho.....btw, he just apply streamxy, not bad i'm waiting for my friend to help me settle my laptop...haizzzz......i'm a troubke-maker, really...huhuhu

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

this is not a joke

This sem is really not a joke, tonnes of works, few projects to handle, thesis that had been postponed for so long and not to forget final exam which wil covers all the those lecturers who are so fussy..I'm writting this blog while doing translation, giving by lecturer (I don't know if these notes got any to do with our subjects) my roomate like to say, this is not a joke!!! I want to go home!!!!!!! I want holiday!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Here!!

Hey, my dearest friends....finally i got my own blog!!!yeah yeah yeah.......thanks to all my friends who support me...thanks ain, husna and not to forget those who kept babbling while i'm creating this blog...thanks hakim, mus, eky!!!!

(p/s: bei bei....i got my own blog already..hehe....)