Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It was my fault..

Happiness? Hopes? Lucks? I couldn't see those things anymore...Where is the rainbow that seem to bring me joy? I couldn't see that either....I couldn't even smile when everyone around me is laughing...God is fair??? Sometimes, i guess....Or maybe it's my own fault? I was too egosentric?? I was too proud?? I took things for granted?? I never been thankful with whatever I had?? Yeaaaa....I caused all these.. I never felt contented with everything that was given to me. In fact, I kept asking for better. That's why God is testing me now, so that I'll always keep in mind to be grateful. Now, i have to bear the pain in my heart..It was all my fault......and i regretted very much all the decision that i had made....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

family of experience??

Today we had to fill in our posting choice and I was thinking so hard which place to put. So, i rang up my dad and mum to ask their opinion. Dad didn't mind where i put, as long as i'm happy but mum wanted me to be near home. I knew hometown is the best place but deep deep inside my heart, i felt like i wanted somewhere far and exciting. Two months ago, i decided with my friend to choose kota kinabalu, sabah but i wasn't really sure if i can be very very independent there. Finally, i made up my mind and i chose my family. However, its' not 100% sure if we get what we chose. So, i'm ready to accept wherever i got =)