Saturday, June 20, 2009


After tomorrow, life has to be back to usual. Waking up at 6.30 am, going for assembly, classes, practical, assignments, exams and courses. Three weeks of holiday is coming to the end and our final sem has arrive, the sem that we waited for so many years. There'll will be so many tasks to be done and all the challenges that we have to face later. Only one sem to go and next year all of us will be separated. Only left one sem for all of us to be together, as classmates and to be in the place where we are always protected. Next year, we'll have to face the real world with the greater challenges. I wonder if i will be able to do all these by myself. I'll sure miss the time when we were studying, having fun around with no worries.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guess Guess Guess

Try to guess what am I:

I am a very important material to everyone...
I can caused happiness and joy...
I can even caused disaster and sorrow..
I can make people smile and laugh..
I can even make people cry and suffer..
I can make people' s dream comes true..
I can even make people fight with each other..

People work hard to get me..
People will even quarrel with their besties to get me..
People will even kill each other to get me..
People can never see anything else besides me..

So, try to guess what am I??

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hoping For Better..

Why there seemed to be no bond between us??
I thought we were supposed to be very close to each other??
I knew u went through so much for me..
I knew u suffered lot for me..
I knew u never stop sacrificing for me..
I knew everything u did is just for me..

But WHY??
Why u never thrusted whatever i said??
U just listen to other people!!
Why u accused me whenever something turn up??
U just don't believe me!!

I still remember those words u said before..
I still remember those things u did to me before..
I still remember ur face expressions that time..

I admit that sometimes my words hurt u..
And i'm sorry for that..
My heart was in pain too whenever I saw people scolded u..
How I hope I can give them a piece of my mind too..

I tried to forget the bitter part..
I tried to remember the sweet part..
I tried to be close with u..
I tried to have good talk with u..

Things never work out between us..
Or may be I'm a very sensitive girl..
I just envy people out there..
Because I wanted to be like them too..

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's holiday....

Hoorraaayyy!! It's holiday!!! Finally, after gone through a busy, hectic sem with quite-hard exam, it's time to enjoy and relax. Last week exam was like hell, i could only sleep for 2 hours every night, fearing what i had read will be flown away. I guess that whole week i was very nervous and tensed up. The exam papers were really torturing, two hours and forty minutes to finish up four essay questions and ten subjective questions. I kept writing till i couldn't do it anymore as my fingers began to shake which also made my writing looks like primary kid's writing. But who cares, as long as it's all over now and i'm having three weeks holiday....i can wake up anytime i wanted to, eat whatever i craved for, go anywhere as i is just wonderful....Happy holiday to all my friends, enjoy yourself before our final sem arrive =)