Thursday, February 18, 2010

My SchOol

preschool playground

my class

my preschool

my school compound

my school

Monday, February 15, 2010

TeacHing ProfeSion

It had been more than a month i served at bagan datoh and guess what, my weight decreased (hope it will continue decrease)!! haha...everyday i had free sauna and there are so much work to do. Every morning i wake up at 630am and go to school at 715am, work till almost 5pm everydy as there are tuition and GERKO and PROGRAM ANAK ANGKAT (guide the standard 6 student for UPSR), plus i have to prepare tomoro's lesson and mark books. Every two teachers will have a anak angkat. Feeling so exhausted everyday and tiring and sometimes i felt tension coz i hope i can teach my students well. For the beginning im a bit confuse coz i don't know what to teach first and i have to focus on so many students. 25 preschool kids are just like 50 students in a class. When doing work, 4-5 kids will sit around me as they need more guide and at the same time, other kids will keep coming to show me their work. One problem with my kids are they really talkative. My voice become hoarse for more than a month as i talk nonstop from 730-12pm. Actualy being a preschool teacher is not a easy task, we work continuosly 8-12pm and we have to make sure all the students are good in 3M before going to standard 1. FUHH....i felt so worry and is the only time i can really rest...