Thursday, December 31, 2009

PreSchoOlers OriEntaTion

Today had to wake up early again to travel to school. Woke up at 430am and left home at 530am to Bagan Datoh. The sun was still sleeping, the road was dark, i was so sleepy + nervous la , thats for sure. Stopped by at grandma house for a while, then continued my journey. Arrived there at 8.10am and i straight went to my preschool class to see the condition. I saw my pembantu, a pretty pregnant young lady putting up the curtain helped by two workers there. A new clean class...i like that...but very kosong..i don't like that. Meaning im going to have a lot of work after this and unfortunately my pembantu is on leave so in february. I have a list of work waiting now which are:
1. settle all my document
2. body check-up
3. assignment (orientation week for me)
4. prepare preschool timetable
5. understand the whole new syllabus
6. prepare my lesson plans which i don't know how to do yet
7. settle students' document
8. pack my things to settle into a new place

No wonder people said that usualy when studying is easy to gain weight but when start working will lose weight..wuahaha..coz burden with lot of works. Today for the first time i met my cute adorable innocent kids. They were all so lovely..They were not scare of strangers, very friendly and respect the teachers...ahhh, so cute!! The parents were there, i was so worried. Luckily, my colleague and pembantu helped me out a lot. My GB gave taklimat to the parents in another classroom and i gave some taklimat to the kids...wuahaha..80% of them had the same surname and almost same name and look!! Its because most of them are relatives. I think the parents know all the students names better than me..wahh...a tough job for me after this. I discussed with GB, she will arrange another teacher to take over Bahasa Cina. Besides of handling the preschool class, i will be teaching Yr 2 BM and Seni..and i was given as Ketua Panitia Seni..hahahaha.....i don't know i can handle all these anot.....i guess its just that i haven get used to it yet. Maybe after a year, will loveeee the place...HOPE SO!! Like my friends always say:

*saya yang menurut perintah*

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My PlaCe Of WoRk

Left home at 6.30am today to lapor diri at PPD Hilir Perak at 9am. Nervous+ scare+worry..all kinds of feelings fill my heart.I looked around, no one i knew there..hurrmmm..never mind, i made new friends. All the GB were there to pick up their 'anak'.I wonder who will be my GB.The pegawai told us that there were no pedalaman and sekolah orang asli and no need to take boat to any school there...RELIEF!! When he announced our school names, i waited patiently. 7 people got chinese school..i was so confident i wouldn't get chinese school until my name was called...I got SJK(C) Chong San, Bagan am i going to survive OCBC (ORANG CINA BUKAN CINA)....I had a new friend with me, a guy from penang..luckily got teman..i didn't know im happy or sad....My GB, a young lady, brought us to the school and treated us including my family for a lunch there. It was located in a small fisherman village. My school is a small school with only 62 students, 12 teachers and a newly built preschool which will be starting in jan 2010. It was located about 2 and a half hours from my house, quite far. The teachers are all chinese and they are all young. Im living with my colleagues in rumah guru which is just in front of the school and its totally FOC...wuahaha... I told GB my main problem and she was like kinda shock i guess. She will have to find a teacher to teach my preschoolers Bahasa Cina..i felt so guilty, as if im a burden to all of them. Beside being a full time preschool teacher, i have to teach BM n BI for primaray. The worst thing is preschool syllabus just changed and we got no idea about that. What am i suppose to do??? I promised my GB i will do the class timetable. Tomorrow i have to go to school again for preschoolers orientation. Im so scared now coz its quite hard for me to communicate with the colleagues and students. Actualy, i havent got the time to talk to them. We had a meeting with GB till 4sth and i straight headed home after that. A VERY TIRING DAY!! I reached home about 7pm and tomorrow have to leave at 5.30am...This is killing me already...Can i do all this?? Can i survive in this school??? What will happen tomorrow?? How are the kids??

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My PosTing!!

I got Perak (yesss!!)
I got Daerah Hilir Perak (hurrmmmmm....)
But don't know shich school yet. Im so worry n nervous n scare...
Tomoro will be going for taklimat at PPD Hilir Perak at Teluk Intan...
I can't face this next stage in my life...i feel more scare when i know some of my friends get P2 (pedalaman tahap dua) school??? tomoro i will know....all the best to all my friends...miss u guys...

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I wonder how will it be after this?
If really don't have, what am i going to do??
It would be so disapointing....
Where should i run to??