Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pain pain pain

I had this pain since friday but i just ignore it. It started swollen on saturday. OMG!! What's is it?? Tyroid?? Heatiness?? This morning it became worse!! How can i go to the clinic when my car was taken away for a new transform?! So, my mum accompany me walked to the nearest clinic. Suddenly i found out that since i got the driving license, i never walked to any shops like i did before. And it was so wonderful and peaceful walking in the morning...I missed those days where i used to walk to the shops..Anywhere, the world nowadays is not safe anymore.. ok, back to my pain...the doctor said it was actualy muscles pain ....due to my way of sleeping and pillow which is not suitable...huhuhu....i must buy new pillow!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

TheSis thesis is finally here!! Looks great, rite?? hard work...simple but meaningful...congrats to myself...

SeSuci KaSih

Thanks to all juniors (Preschool Course) who had organised a farewell party for us..It was so amazing and touching..Thanks for all your efforts in preparing the party and especially the hand-made gifts..You guys did a great job.. And thanks for giving me the tittle 'MISS SWEET'...

My 23rd Birthday~~

My birthday is on 26oct ....had a very wonderful birthday this year~~
Thanks to all my friends who gave me those presents..
And special thanks to ah bei, meow n kian for the big surprise on that so shocked, yet memorable~~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh, im becoming shopaholic!!

Recently i became so obsess with shoes and without i realized, i already bought five pairs of shoes and i just kept nicely inside my wardrobe...when am i going to wear those?? hmmmm.....i think maybe when i............start working!!! hehehe

My First-Made C_k_

It's my first-made cake!! Got the recipe from my bestie, nana~~ Since i don't have an oven, so i decided to try by using a wok and it turned out to be ok..just that i forgot to put milk...but its tasted just fine...i let my dad n aunt tried and of course i got some useful comments from them...only one thing that upset me, which was my dearest lovely handsome bro won't dare to try it........huhuhu....just take a look at those pics, u guys also think that it's nice, right????


Date - 10/10/2009
Venue - Seoul Garden, IOI Mall Puchong

This blog should be written on 10/10/2009 but i just got the chance to upload the photos..That day should be a surprise birthday treat for my dear but it became a surprise to myself instead..wuahaha..thanks to his buddies: leo, andy & weng...thanks for celebrating my coming birthday and the gift as so so shocked seeing my name on the cake!! and happy happy happy birthday to ah dear~~~~

Thursday, October 15, 2009


We heard that tomorrow will be the day to know our posting place?? Is that true?? Let's wait for tomorrow, friends~~ Hope for the best~~

Final study!

Yesss!!! I'm at home again, having study week, exam on 26 & 27 oct~~Yesterday was the final class after 5 and half yrs of studying~~ Of course we can't go home this 2 weeks but i don't care anymore.. Staying in hostel is like staying in jail, so much rules, no going out at what what time, no staying in the room at what what time...hey, we only got 2 subjects this sem and u expect us to sit in the class whole day??! NO WAY!! Staying any longer there will make me go crazy. So, home sweet home~~~~
Happy Holiday, Happy Studying and Happy Deepavali!!
See u guys next week!!!