Wednesday, February 25, 2009


okay, i was tagged by my friend to do something interesting...let's see what i got here =)

The challenge is :

1) go to your picture holder in your computer.

2) go to 6th folder of photos

3) go to 6th picture of that folder* put the picture on your blog n description of it..*

invite six friends to join the challenge..

"This picture was taken when i was a kid..this is the best shot in my life....kahkahkah.....guess who beside me... =P"
-just fo fun-

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Finally, our badminton tournament ended today! Today i'm a PLAYER, not a LINESGIRl!! YES YES YES!! Everyone played greatly....It wasn't easy at all as my opponents were tough, especially su n odet, with their styles!! My partner, aneem and i played for an hour for two games. It was indeed very tiring but it worth everything coz we won (women double)!! hohohoo...unbeliavable...tanx to aneem for being such a great and strong player.....Now my body started to feel the pain....huhuhu..I wonder if tomorrow i will be able to attend class....hmmmmm????

Friday, February 20, 2009


Recently, my class realized the importance of good health due to having physical subject this sem. In order to make sure every of us has a healthy body, we organized a badminton tournament today at stadium bandar baru bangi. We, girls, had been practising badminton every afternoon for about two weeks. This is to prevent ourselves from being a fool during the tournament, as girls are usually passive in sports. Today we were giving a short briefing about badminton rules and it is so hard to be understood. It even made us confused and felt like surrender before the game..hohoho...We decided to play as we like, coz we know the guys will guide us...hehe...So, all of us were so excited when we arrived at the stadium. However, on the first game, my roomate and i were given a task to be LINESGIRL.....our job is to see if the shuttle cock is in or out the line...At the beginning, i was excited, jumping here and there and shouting. After 5 minutes, i was tired and bored, so, my eyes began to look other places. Suddenly, my name was called....feeling shocked and blur, i said OUT! OUT!..... They scolded me for not paying attention...I did the same thing for the second time...This time the judge came down from his high chair and wanted to smack me...Everyone laughed at me...huhuhuuuu....I don;t like being LINESGIRL!!...

Monday, February 16, 2009


This is no good...there will be music class tomorrow!! This is not fun!! Everyone is practising recorder now especially the soprano..haha...i can hear my roomate playing next door....great roomate!! How i hope miracle will happen tomorrow...pleaseeee...we will be good.... <<>>

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hmm.....recently I really felt so lazy to do work even though there are tonnes of works awaiting. My routine is go to class, then back to room after class end, take a 'short nap', eat, bath, watch dvd, then bedtime. I can still feel the holiday atmosphere around me..haha...this is what we call LAZY!!! Moreover, I'm really tensed up with this music class. Actually, i like music very much, i just do not like the works given. It was so hard for us to do. Thinking of music class makes me headache and my life become miserable!! Plus the assignments and thesis and projects and ISL works makes me want this sem to end fast!!! wuaaaaa..... ;(

Monday, February 9, 2009

Him ^-^

Before this i never believe in fate. I do not agree when people say everyone has their own match in this world, it's just the matter of time. However, i changed my mind when i met him. He is the apple of my eye. He is a very very nice guy who showered me with so much love and care (actualy is over-pampering me)...hehe..but this means i'm very very lucky. He will always protect me from harm and fear; make me laugh again whenever my tears fall and help me solve the tonnes of problems that i faced. Not only that, he will always tolerate with me and give me all the best things that even he never spend that much on himself. He always say 'as long as you are happy.' Whatever i wanted to eat, he will buy for me; wherever i wanted to go, he will bring me; he will just do anything that will make my heart grows fonder , despite how hard the situation could be. Every moment with him is a sweet time indeed. He will always come out with tricky questions and riddles, just to make me laugh to my heart. Well, honestly, i enjoy those questions created by him. His love and care make me feel secured and touched. It's not easy to find someone who is nice to ourselves, and yet, i found one. =) Time is the soul of business and we had been together for more than a year. I will always treasure him and love him more each day. I'm not showing off here, I just felt that I'm a very fortunate girl. I do not know where my posting will be next year, but I'm sure that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I can't foresee what will happen next, I just hope that we will go through thick and thin together, and most important is to grow old together. =) Hope he will always success in his work and have a good health.....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

new look...

Now i really do feel that blogging is fun and exciting! I had just finish editing my blog and now look....hehe...tanx ain for helping me...fuhhh..This helps to motivate me to write more in future...hehe

Thursday, February 5, 2009

thesis..... thesis!!!! Lotz corrections to be done!!! I hate thesis!!!!

(p/s: abu n akim, pn surayah said HELLO!!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

class vacation...

Finally, after two days back from Melaka, i found some time to jot down the memories in Melaka with my fellow friends who i knew for almost 5 years. All these years, we had been discussing about class vacation but it never come to live. At last, this final year, we succeeded!! We went to Melaka for two days and it was indeed an interesting trip, also a memorable one. It was so fun as we travel in three cars; kancil, gen-2 n storm!! Woww...i felt we are so grown up...hoho...Thanks to abu and hakim for the wonderful lunch at their houses.
The most challenging part were we got a 'great' driver, eky, who speed the kancil for 140km/h and made our heart stopped for a while. Our AJK KESELAMATAN, suwarna kept babbling at eky. EkY, nxt time don't risk our lives!!! We were the only daughter and abu was the only son in family!! Luckily, all of us arrive safe and sound. Secondly, there were many roadblocks in Melaka and we were quite worried as we didn't have any seatbelts at the back seat in kancil, we tried to pretend calm. We were relief as we passed the roadblocks safely. (This journey was full with barriers!!!) Third thing that we had to face was, our room in the hotel was not as great as we thought of. The toilet flush couldn't work well. So, if we got 'nature call', we had to hold!!!! Seven of us (girls) were staying together in a room, so, in order to save time, we went into the bathroom in pairs at a same time!! Wowwww......hehe... The guys, in another room, came up with an idea, calling us continuosly, using the phone provided in the room, playing 'GUESS WHOSE VOICE'.... 'hello, can i speak to angelina jolie?'.....'hello, brad pitt, please'... haha..nice game.....
Our first activity was to a waterfall at Sagil. We were so excited, until......we had to climb up the hill, with uncountable stairs!! It took us about 20 minutes walking the stairs to arive to the waterfall point...It was so tiring and we almost gave up...This is worse than BIG!! How i wish someone will carry me up...hehe....Everyone was so exhausted...The fun part came when they conquered the river, playing monkey and goal keeper..Well, i didn't join them, was busy preparing sandwiches...Other people were staring at our group and some were watching the game...our group seem to be rock and roll...haha...the sad part was, the game stopped due to some accident between nana @ PGL (pirahna gunung ledang) n, that was the end at waterfall...
The next destination was to river cruise at bandar melaka...we waited an hour for the boat, and the boat ride was almost an hour too...and the smell of the river was so awful, the water kept splashing to our faces...yuckssss!!!! what a ride!!!!! the next day, everyone had pimples on their faces...haha...We didn't have the chance to go to the Taming Sari, it was closed by the time we arrived...huhuhu....
The next day, we went to taman buaya and mini malaysia....haha...good experiences, seeing so many kinds of crocodiles, with different sizes. Mini malaysia was kinda interesting too....but we couldn't manage to go in to all the houses, coz tire of taking off the shoes repeatedly...overall, the trip was fun and great and bombastic.....tanx to everyone who went...

(p/s: wei, don't upload my shivering pic!!)