Friday, August 14, 2009

Last Day Of PracTical....

Today is the last day of practical. Both the preschool and school held a small party for us, which made us touched..and..we got presents from school, teacher and student..

- my favourite students (the most capable student in class) -

- students in my class -

- with Shah @ Giant-
(Laughter for today)
Conversation between Shah and I for today:
Me : Shah, kenapa awak ni busuk ah?
Shah : Ishh, cikgu ni, mana ada..
After an hour,
Me : Shah, awak ni busuk la..tak mandi ke pagi tadi?
Shah : Mandi la..mesti la busuk, saya main, berpeluh pagi tadi.
After an hour,
Me : Shah, busuk la! Lain kali jangan main kat luar tu la.
Shah : YA ALLAH!!! YA ALLAH!!! Cikgu ni, dari pagi tadi cakap
saya busuk sampai sekarang!
Everyone in class laughed heard him said that...hohohoooo

- present from teacher -

- present from student (something i'd always wanted) -

- present from school -

- delicious layer cake, specially ordered by the teacher for us -
YIPPIEE~~~~~~ no more practical after this....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Giant & Boboy..

Today that giant boy said something which made us burst out laughing. This is the conversation between Giant, us and Nadhira:


Giant : Cikgu, telefon polis.
Us : Kenapa nak telefon polis?
Giant : Ayah Nadhira (our student) jual mercun.
Nahira : Mana ada. Dulu jual, sekarang tak jual dah.
Us : Mana awak tau? Awak beli kat ayah dia ke?
Giant : A'aahh.
Us : Kalau macam tu, awak pun kena tangkap polis la sebab awak beli.
Giant : Sekarang saya tak beli dah.


Us : Shah, esok awak datang tak?
Giant : Datang la. Saya kena datang sekolah tiap-tiap hari, nak jadi pandai. Tak nak jadi bodoh.

In another case, i realized there's a boy in my class who often left his homework at home. So, i suspected that he lied to us. Here is the conversation between us:

Me : Boboy, awak tak siap kerja ke?
Boboy : Giving me a smiling eyes.
Me : Cakap la. Cikgu tak marah awak.
Boboy : A'aahh.
Me : Sebab apa tak siap?
Boboy : Saya keluar beli barang semalam.
Me : Jadi awak tak ada masa nak buat kerja yang cikgu bagi la?
Boboy : A'aahh.. Mana cikgu tau saya tak siap kerja?
Me : Laughing in my heart.

Wuahahaaaa.....innocent young kids...Tomorrow will be the last day of practical...I wonder what is waiting us in future..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There is a boy in my class named Shah. He is chubby and a big bully boy. He always bully other students and whenever there is visitor in class, he will do and say irritating + annoying words. If we scold him, he will hold his tears and laugh synically, casue he's too ego to cry. After that, he will bully and beat other smaller kids. He is just exactly like the GIANT in the DORAEMON series.
Guess what, today he did something which made us 'ROFL' (quoted from my senior, ahkamkoko's words). The BIG TEACHER passed by our class, this Shah quickly wore his shoes and told us that he wanted to talk to BIG TEACHER. I thought he was just joking but i was wrong. He just stormed out and ignored our shouting. He ran after the BIG TEACHER and unfortunately he fell down. The BIG TEACHER turned around and asked him to go back to class. When he came back, he said he didn't have the chance to talk to BIG TEACHER. I asked him what he wanted to tell the BIG TEACHER. He told us, 'Mak saya suruh saya cakap dengan guru besar belikan topeng.' All of us burst out laughing. His friends were wearing masks this few days and he wanted to wear too. So, we guess that he must have asked his mum for a mask and his mum replied, 'Mak tak ada duit. Suruh guru besar belikan.' What can we say?? Kids are always naive and innocent...That's why we love them =)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I had this one student named Faeezul, he's a very naive, innocent, small-sized boy and he is only 4 years ++.. At first i don't really like him cause his words were like mature people. But recently i realized that he really made my day smile. During our early practical, we taught the students to salam with teachers when they came to school in the morning and before go home. It's one of the way to teach them to respect people. This little boy told me, "Hari-hari salam. Tapi cikgu selalu lupa nak salam dengan saya." Hey, aren't he suppose to come to me and salam???!!
One day, he took a book and sat beside me. He started telling me stories based on the pictures of the book. When it came to a page where the picture shown a girl fell down from the bicycle and another girl was helping her, Faeezul started his story, "Boleh saya tolong awak?...Sudah tentu boleh...Okay, orait." I was thinking if we wanted to help somebody who fell down, do we need to say , "Boleh saya tolong awak?" cause i thought usually we will say, "Awak tak apa-apa?" Moreover, the person who fell down will be in pain till he won't has any strength to say, "Sudah tentu boleh." I was laughing deep inside my heart with his innocent character. Well, at least he knew what is the meaning of manners.
Then, got this time when he was playing with my friend. He was clapping my friend's hands and suddenly my friend said, "Sakitlah, Faeezul." He took my friend's hands and gave a pat and said "Ok, sayang sayang...tak sakit." He was so adorable!! Then got this another time i dropped my comb on the floor without realizing it. My friend asked the class who brought a comb, Faeezul picked it up and asked his friends. Then i said it was mine. He returned to me an said, "Cikgu ni, macam-macam lah." All i can say is i really miss him when he absent from school!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

FifTh WeEk PraCtical..

This week was quite hectic too. Finally, the observation had finished. week will be final week of practical. Time really flies, which is a good thing. What i can see from this practical is i get to know that most of the people has two faces, they can be very nice to you and they can talk bad about u as well. This is what i see in this school. So, becareful with whatever u want to say in front of anyone.