Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In Memory..

I wanted to post this entry last week but i couldn't find any time. I always wanted a doggy since my previous doggy was given away. I kept persuading my dad everyday to let me have a doggy. After persuading a year and a half, dad found a cute puppy for me. The doggy was about 2 weeks old when brought home. Dad gave it three meals a day coz i wanted a fat & chubby doggy. It was named HaPpy, it was so tiny when brought home. Dad even made a small house for it too. Every friday i will be so excited to go home to play with it. For me, friday is the happiest day of the week. I love seeing it when dad fed it coz it will be eating hungrily, as if there will be other doggy stealing its food. Everytime we open our door lock, it will came running out from its house coz it thought we are going to feed it. It will run clumsily towards us. So funny seeing it. But Happy didn't have the luck to live with us. Last two weeks, when i arrived home, dad told me this puppy is not going to live long coz it started to refuse to eat and it can't even stand or walk properly. It tends to fall everytime walk. We couldn't find out what is wrong with it. It didn't eat for three days and just stay inside its little 'bed'. I just sit beside its little house and called its name. No matter how i called, it wouldn't come out. I couldn't hold my tears as i heard its weak voice as if crying in pain. After three days, it was not breathing anymore and dad sent it away. I didn't have the chance to see him for the final time coz i had to go back to school on sun. I was so heart-broken coz HaPpy only stayed three weeks with us. Dad said maybe coz it's too small and very hard to take care of. It still need its mummy perhaps. My heart felt so pain everytime i looked at its house. But guess what, this sat im going to have a new puppy and next month will be getting another. Dad said i can have two doggies. So, im looking forward this sat. Now im trying to settle all my works coz sat onwards i will be busy playing with a new family member. Hope it will really happen coz i had waited for it since last week.

after six months....

Time flies, it had been six months i worked as a teacher. I had decorated my class almost 70% with my PPM's help. There is still many works to be done. Facing so much of barriers and different people in working life really made me grown up. I learned to close my eyes and ears whenever i heard something annoying. I always remember my ex-roomate's quotation - "WHAT I CARE!" Ya, what do i care what they said coz whatever they said, i won't get hurt or lose anything. Just do my best in my job although it's very tiring and need lots of patience and effort. Holiday is the time im looking forward to rest my mind. However, this holiday is the only time i can prepare my ABM for the 2nd sem...fuhhhh....btw, im waiting my 'little toy' to arive this sat, that's why im trying to finish all my work by friday....hehe

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Having A Tough Time..

It had been almost four months since i became a teacher. I felt like it is a tough job, not like those people thought of, teachers work half day, can go home at noon. It was totally a wrong statement. I even went home at 7pm, feeling so exhausted, plus have to bring home some work. Moreover, i still have a tonnes of work to do including decorating my preschool. I don't know when it can be finished, all i know is sometimes i do felt tensed up. Im worry if my kids can't read and write well, my class is out of control, i kept losing my voice. Problem is the kids are so active. I even got complain by parents saying that i didn't cane their children, which they said i should cane them. What kind of world...some will complain if we cane, some ask us to cane. Im going to be crazy very soon....and next month, i will be observed by GB...sometimes, my mind goes blank, i can't think of any activities for the kids, like we usually do during practical.. Not only that, my another problem is language problem since i don't know chinese, everything become so complicated. I felt like wana quit the job.. People who don't understand the work of a teacher, sure will say it's just easy..Everyday, i just do my best..waiting for every friday to go home and relax myself....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My SchOol

preschool playground

my class

my preschool

my school compound

my school

Monday, February 15, 2010

TeacHing ProfeSion

It had been more than a month i served at bagan datoh and guess what, my weight decreased (hope it will continue decrease)!! haha...everyday i had free sauna and there are so much work to do. Every morning i wake up at 630am and go to school at 715am, work till almost 5pm everydy as there are tuition and GERKO and PROGRAM ANAK ANGKAT (guide the standard 6 student for UPSR), plus i have to prepare tomoro's lesson and mark books. Every two teachers will have a anak angkat. Feeling so exhausted everyday and tiring and sometimes i felt tension coz i hope i can teach my students well. For the beginning im a bit confuse coz i don't know what to teach first and i have to focus on so many students. 25 preschool kids are just like 50 students in a class. When doing work, 4-5 kids will sit around me as they need more guide and at the same time, other kids will keep coming to show me their work. One problem with my kids are they really talkative. My voice become hoarse for more than a month as i talk nonstop from 730-12pm. Actualy being a preschool teacher is not a easy task, we work continuosly 8-12pm and we have to make sure all the students are good in 3M before going to standard 1. FUHH....i felt so worry and is the only time i can really rest...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Im a Teacher Now!

Second week at school, as usual very busy, trying to settle all my document since my clerk is on mc for two weeks... I did myself all my documents and had to stay at school till almost 430pm. Being a teacher is not easy. I got to teach tuition for BM yr 2, BI yr 1 and settle my new preschool. Really got lot of work to do but im trying to do everything slowly, don't want to worry so much. Now i felt bit tire teaching preschoolers coz all of them have different characters and i have to be very patience with them. Teaching preschool is TOUGH!! But being a teacher there is an honour coz teachers are well respected..So far, im quite happy with my school but i don't know what barriers will come next..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Leaving again...

Gonna leave home again. Tomoro have to go school again. Lotz of works waiting. Yesterday just manage to edit my preschool timetable, adjust to suit other teachers. Really not an easy work. Tomoro will start giving tuition to the students, my life will become more busy. Can't wait to come home again next friday.....

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Week As A Teacher

Halo, my friends...Im back home, after a week staying in Bagan Datoh.. Im teaching preschool and BM Yr 2....hmmm...i kinda like that place coz its a small place, everyone know us there and they respect teachers very much. I was so busy this whole week and unfortunately im sick and my voice changed. Its tough teaching preschool with lotz of different characters but i managed to control my class after two days, by using CANE!!! Even my colleagues said that they behaved well...haha...Ofcoz i faced problems speaking mandarin with them and Yr 2 students...hurmm, i need to ask help from my colleagues...all of them are very nice and im the only MISS there...all are MRS and there are 4 male teachers there...That place is quite peaceful and its a good place to save money...haha...ohya, im teaching tuition Yr 2 (everyone have to teach tuition) and i was offered by my preschool kids' parents to teach tuition...but i don't really have the time now as im still new. Hope everything will goes well and hope my style of teaching is in the correct track...i still need to teach BM Yr 2???? help me plzzz

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Tomorrow i will be leaving my home to bagan datoh..
Ofcoz im feeling very sad and scare right now....
How is my life there later??
What will happen on mon, tues, wed and the days after tat??
HOpe that everything goes on well..and i can adapt myself there..
There is no internet there, so, i will update my news maybe after a week or two...
Gudbye all my frens...gudbye my family, gudbye my house, gudbye my rum...
All the best to all my frens for ur first day...keep in touch...