Sunday, April 18, 2010

Having A Tough Time..

It had been almost four months since i became a teacher. I felt like it is a tough job, not like those people thought of, teachers work half day, can go home at noon. It was totally a wrong statement. I even went home at 7pm, feeling so exhausted, plus have to bring home some work. Moreover, i still have a tonnes of work to do including decorating my preschool. I don't know when it can be finished, all i know is sometimes i do felt tensed up. Im worry if my kids can't read and write well, my class is out of control, i kept losing my voice. Problem is the kids are so active. I even got complain by parents saying that i didn't cane their children, which they said i should cane them. What kind of world...some will complain if we cane, some ask us to cane. Im going to be crazy very soon....and next month, i will be observed by GB...sometimes, my mind goes blank, i can't think of any activities for the kids, like we usually do during practical.. Not only that, my another problem is language problem since i don't know chinese, everything become so complicated. I felt like wana quit the job.. People who don't understand the work of a teacher, sure will say it's just easy..Everyday, i just do my best..waiting for every friday to go home and relax myself....


  1. Dear, i know how u felt back there!
    Betul, being a teacher is not easy.
    The kids future is in our hand..When we succeeded in molding a child, nobody will care, but once we fail, owh, so the world will know! Hold on dear..lets enjoy every second with the kids kay? Try controlling them in more relaxing way, such as symbol and pictures and maybe games..yin han bole!yeay! love ya ;)

  2. Dont give up!
    Use the cane if you have to!

  3. paah - tanx for the u.....muah muah...

    ahkamkoko - yeah, cane is my best fren nw

  4. being a PE teacher seems like a better course..
    then again..
    whatever will be will be..