Wednesday, June 9, 2010

after six months....

Time flies, it had been six months i worked as a teacher. I had decorated my class almost 70% with my PPM's help. There is still many works to be done. Facing so much of barriers and different people in working life really made me grown up. I learned to close my eyes and ears whenever i heard something annoying. I always remember my ex-roomate's quotation - "WHAT I CARE!" Ya, what do i care what they said coz whatever they said, i won't get hurt or lose anything. Just do my best in my job although it's very tiring and need lots of patience and effort. Holiday is the time im looking forward to rest my mind. However, this holiday is the only time i can prepare my ABM for the 2nd sem...fuhhhh....btw, im waiting my 'little toy' to arive this sat, that's why im trying to finish all my work by friday....hehe

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