Thursday, March 26, 2009


Fuhh....this week is really a disaster. Assignments, thesis, decorating class, preparing files for MQA and most important of all, sports carnival for the preschool kids which will be held on this saturday. So much to be done, so much to prepare, so much to think of, so much to worry of and all these happen at the same time. And my future is still in a blur situation..what does this mean??? only my classmates know....Dear friends, let's pray for the best. We already struggle through thick and thin for so many years. Hope our sacrifices and efforts worth all...

Thursday, March 19, 2009


What is happening to our country?? It's not a safe place anymore, or may be it never been one. Last night my brother was driving home from a midnite movie, about 1am. After dropping his friend, he headed back. He realized there were three indian men, riding motors, following him. Suddenly, they tried to open my brother's door but they failed. Luckily my brother used to lock the car once he got in. The robbers did not gave up!! One of them used his helmet and broke the mirror of the back seat. My brother didn't stop, he just speed up his car and yet they kept chasing my brother!!! Fortunately, my brother arrived home safe and sound and i'm not sure if they chased till my brother reached home. I felt so shocked when he told us, my dad woke up and checked the car. I'm sure my mum was very worried. I couldn't imagine if this happen on me..i couldn't even sleep last nite. I'm scare if the robbers recognized our house and tend to do something later. I really don't feel safe anymore, even home is not a safe place. My mum told me, someone tried to break in our hse one midnite, around 2am, i guess it happened few weeks ago. He opened our gate and searched inside my mum's car. Coincidently, our gate and car were not locked!! Luckily he found nothing!!! I was thinking what if my mum carelessly left the house keys in the car??!!! I couldn't think of what's going to happen. This case happened to my granduncle's house too, which was just two houses away from my house. I still remember last year in december, my mum was robbed, when she was driving home alone at night. Two malay guys, riding motor, stopped my mum at the roadside and took out a knife and asked for money. Luckily they didn't harm her..she arrived home, was so shocked and scared, she won't dare to tell my dad and i was so speechless. So, can anybody tell me, where is the place that is safe for all of us?? With today's economy, i'm sure our country is not a safe place anymore. Money matters most nowadays, and people in need of money will do anything, including harming and killing. Going out at night is not a good idea, especially for girls and youngsters, never ever drive alone at night and remember to lock your door once you get it. After this, i don't think i have the guts to drive alone or going out at nite coz i don't want to risk my life..

Monday, March 9, 2009